IHM Faridabad



    • No employee other than a person on deputation from the Central Government or any State Government or an Institute shall leave or discontinue his service in the Institute except after giving one month's notice in writing of his intention to do so to the Principal.
    • Provided further that where an employee has completed the period of probation and stands confirmed, the period of such notice shall be three months.
    • However, it an employee wants to leave service instantaneously, he may be permitted to do so by depositing with the Institute pay and allowances for the period of notice, as the case may be.
    • Provided that the appointing authority may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, waive, either wholly or in part, the requirement as to payment of such compensation.
    • The Institute may at any time and without assigning any reasons, terminate the service of any employee who has not completed his probation, after giving month's notice in writing or a month's pay and allowance in lieu thereof;
    • The Institute may at any time and without assigning any reason terminate the services of an employee who has completed period of probation and stands confirmed by giving him three months notice or pay and allowances thereof.
  • Case of Group 'C' and Group 'D' employee the Principal shall be the competent authority while Executive Committee for class 'B' posts and above, shall be the competent authority. However, the Executive Committee will exercise this power only after the Board of Governors has accorded its approval in this behalf.
  • Nothing contained in these Regulations shall affect the right of the appointing authority to retire, remove or dismiss an employee without giving any notice or pay in lieu of notice in accordance with the provisions of relevant rules concerning conduct and discipline of employees.