IHM Faridabad




  • Out of the residential accommodation owned by the Society, the Society may at its discretion make available such residential accommodation as it considers appropriate to the pay, rank and status of an employee, and on such rate of monthly licence fee as it considers reasonable. The Society will not have any authority to hire accommodation and give it to staff members.
  • In deciding the suitability of such residential accommodation to an employee's pay, rank and status as well as in determining the licence fee to be recovered from the employee for such accommodation, the Society will bear in mind the scales of accommodation and the rates of house rent in force under the State Government rules governing the allotment of residential accommodation to its employees, but the decision of the society in regard to such question shall be final.
  • If an employee refuses to accept the residential accommodation made available by the Society and if the Society does not consider his reason for doing so adequate and acceptable, the Society may stop the house rent allowance payable to him in terms of relevant rules.
  • Accommodation of appropriate scale will be allotted to the employee strictly in accordance with the 'Rules' drawn up for allotment of such residential accommodation.