IHM Faridabad

Objective of industrial training is to provide to students the feel of the actual working environment and to gain practical knowledge and skills, which in turn will motivate, develop and build their confidence. Industrial training is also expected to provide the students the basis to identify their key operational area of interest.


  • Should be punctual.
  • Should maintain the training logbook up-to-date.
  • Should be attentive and careful while doing work.
  • Should be keen to learn and maintain high standards and quality of work.
  • Should interact positively with the hotel staff.
  • Should be honest and loyal to the hotel and towards their training.
  • Should get their appraisals signed regularly from the HOD's or training manager.
  • Gain maximum from the exposure given, to get maximum practical knowledge and skills.
  • Should attend the training review sessions / classes regularly.
  • Should be prepared for the arduous working condition and should face them positively.
  • Should adhere to the prescribed training schedule.
  • Should take the initiative to do the work as training is the only time where you can get maximum exposure.
  • Should, on completion of Industrial Training, handover all the reports, appraisals, logbook and completion certificate to the institute.


  • Should give proper briefing to students prior to the industrial training
  • Should make the students aware of the industry environment and expectations.
  • Should notify the details of training schedule to all the students.
  • Should coordinate regularly with the hotel especially with the training manager.
  • Should visit the hotel, wherever possible, to check on the trainees .
  • Should sort out any problem between the trainees and the hotel.
  • Should take proper feedback from the students after the training.
  • Should brief the students about the appraisals , attendance, marks, logbook and training report.
  • Should ensure that change of I.T. hotel is not permitted once the student has been interviewed, selected and has accepted the offer.
  • Should ensure that change of I.T. batch is not permitted.
  • Should ensure trainees procure training completion certificate from the hotel before joining institute.


First exposure: A young trainee's first industry exposure is likely to be the most influential in that person's career. If the managers / supervisors are unable or unwilling to develop the skills young trainees need to perform effectively, the latter will set lower standards than they are capable of achieving, their self-images will be impaired, and they will develop negative attitudes towards training, industry, and – in all probability – their own careers in the industry. Since the chances of building successful careers in the industry will decline, the trainees will leave in hope of finding other opportunities. If on the other hand, first managers/supervisors help trainees achieve maximum potential, they will build the foundations for a successful career.


  • Should give proper briefing session/orientation/induction prior to commencement of training.
  • Should make a standardized training module for all trainees.
  • Should strictly follow the structured training schedule.
  • Should ensure cordial working conditions for the trainee.
  • Should co-ordinate with the institute regarding training programme.
  • Should be strict with the trainees regarding attendance during training.
  • Should check with trainees regarding appraisals, training report, log book etc.
  • Should inform the institute about truant trainees.
  • Should allow the students to interact with the guest.
  • Should specify industrial training's "Dos and Don'ts" for the trainee.
  • Should ensure issue of completion certificate to trainees on the last day of training.
Name of Student: _________________________________ NCHM&CT Roll No: __________________________

Institute: IHM, ____________________________________ Duration: 4 weeks (24 working days)

Name of the Hotel: ________________________________ From:_______________________________________

To: ________________________

Department: F&BS / FP / HK / FO

Immaculate Appearance, Spotless uniform, Well groomed hair, Clean nails & hands 5
Smart Appearance, Crisp uniform, Acceptable hair, Clean nails and hands 4
Well Presented, Clean Uniform, Acceptable hair, Clean nails & hands 3
Untidy hair, Creased ill kept uniform, Hands not clean at times 2
Dirty / dishevelled, Long / unkempt hair, Dirty hands & long nails 1
Punctuality / Attendance ( _____ days present out of 30 days)
On time, Well Prepared, Ready to commence task, Attendance Excellent 100% 5
On time, Lacks some preparation but copes well, Attendance Very good 90% 4
On time, Some disorganized aspects-just copes, Attendance Regular 80% 3
Occasionally late, Disorganized approach, Attendance irregular 60% 2
Frequently late, Not prepared, Frequently absent without excuse 1
Ability to Communicate (Written / Oral)
Very confident, demonstrates outstanding confidence & ability both spoken/written 5
Confident, Delivers information 4
Communicates adequately, but lacks depth and confidence 3
Hesitant, lacks confidence in spoken / written communication 2
Very inanimate, unable to express in spoken or written work 1
Attitude to Colleagues / Customers
Wins / retains highest regard from colleagues has an outstanding rapport with clients 5
Polite, considerate and firm, well liked. 4
Gets on well with most colleagues, Handles customers well. 3
Slow to mix, weak manners, is distant has insensitive approach to customers 2
Does not mix, relate well with colleagues & customers 1
Attitude to Supervision
Welcomes criticism, Acts on it, very co-operative 5
Readily accepts criticism and is noticeably willing to assist others. 4
Accepts criticism, but does not necessarily act on it. 3
Takes criticism very personally, broods on it. 2
Persistently disregards criticism and goes own way. 1
Initiative / Motivation
Very effective in analyzing situation and resourceful in solving problems Demonstrates ambition to achieve progressively. 5
Shows ready appreciation and willingness to tackle problems Positively seeks to improve knowledge and performance 4
Usually grasps points correctly. Shows interest in all work undertaken. 3
Slow on the uptake. Is interested only in areas of work preferred. 2
Rarely grasps points correctly. Lacks drive and commitment. 1
Reliability / Comprehension
Is totally trust worthy in any working situation?
Understands in detail, why and how the job is done.
Can be depended upon to identify work requirements and willing to complete them. Readily appreciates, how and why the job is done. 4
Gets on with the job in hand. Comprehends, but doesn't fully understand work in hand 3
Cannot be relied upon to work without supervision.
Comprehends only after constant explanation.
Requires constant supervision. Lacks any comprehension of the application. 1
Actively seeks responsibility at all times. 5
Very willing to accept responsibility. 4
Accepts responsibility as it comes. 3
Inclined to refer matters upwards rather than make own decision. 2
Avoids taking responsibility. 1
Quality of Work
Exceptionally accurate in work, very thorough usually unaided. 5
Maintains a high standard of quality 4
Generally good quality with some assistance. 3
Performance is uneven. 2
Inaccurate and slow at work. 1
Quantity of work
Outstanding in output of work. 5
Gets through a great deal. 4
Output satisfactory. 3
Does rather less than expected. 2
Output regularly insufficient 1
Total _______/ 50
Stipend Paid: Rs. ___________ per month.

Name of Appraiser: ____________________________Signature: _____________

Designation of Appraiser: _______________________ Date : _______________

Signature of Student: __________________________ Date : _______________